Unexpected Thoughts

It’s Time to Scale Up to 3D Cubed Bingo

Twenty-Twenty is the year that requires more than a single page of squares. We are about to enter our eighth month and already we have passed through our Goals Bingo, Super Bowl Bingo, Pandemic Bingo Week One, Quarantini Bingo, and Pandemic Bingo Weeks Two to Eternity.

Now it’s time for 3D Cubed Bingo, and I don’t mean bingo for people into cubing, although this video of blindfolded Rubik’s Cube world record holder Jack Cai is a fun peek into that subculture.

Nope, 3D-CubedBingo is necessary to survive a year filled with murder hornets, tool-wielding baboons, and the irony of Walmart having to ban people for offensive face-covering fashion choices, as opposed to all the other weird things people do there.

It’s kind of telling that applying bingo card labels to a Rubik’s cube and then solving for a full side of bingo sounds less frustrating than navigating our current situation, but at least we’re not attempting multi-dimensional, multi-lingual, multi-reality mahjong, yet.

Image by DomenicBlair from Pixabay