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How to Stay Warm Without Your Husband


I was not made for winter. Though I love being from Chicago, I don’t miss the blizzards, subzero temperatures and icy windstorms at all. Northern Virginia is a nice balance for me and my Californian husband. He gets the change of seasons, and I get a winter that is half as long as those of my youth and practically balmy since it only takes two minutes to layer up for a trip outside instead of twenty. I’ve really enjoyed the temperate weather here.

Until now.

20131025-154953.jpgIt’s been a very brisk autumn, and the freeze warnings seem to be arriving extremely early. Apparently Mother Nature has confused October with December and Northern Virginia with Illinois.

Ok, maybe not. It actually snowed already back by my parents, though it was just a dusting of flurries and not quite enough to send the kids home from school early. The Capital Weather Gang has a very beautiful explanation of why we’re facing this widespread cold snap, but intellectual knowledge does not warm my feet.

And tonight, neither does Roberto. He’s far away at a conference which means that fighting the cold is an entirely cuddle-free adventure this weekend. I pretty much count on frequent snuggles to shake me out of my shivers. Let’s hope these strategies help:

  • Turning on a heating pad to warm up the bed
  • Wearing his socks
  • Programming our brand new coffeemaker to make that first cup before I even get out of bed.
  • Wearing his robe
  • Setting the thermostat to 75

Any other ideas??